Unpretentiously swank

Suan Phlu has always been a street food hub, though old-time expats may remember it as being the place for the Immigration Department. With the relocation of the department and development, the road has gone a bit more upmarket with cute coffee shops, bakeries, bars and fine dining establishments having set up shop, along with modern condos.

Though Olta is neither fine dining nor casual, it would fit the definition of a British gastropub, much to the disdain of chef-patron Jamie Wakeford. Swank interiors, complete with cubby holes behind velvet curtains for privacy and plush velvet seats, alongside a centre bar with seating, complete the look. Though the outdoor seating does give it more of a casual vibe.

The mastermind behind Phuket’s Bamphot Kitchen brings modern British cuisine to Bangkok.  

 It’s not every day you see a successful Phuket restaurateur expanding his empire to Bangkok. Then again, not every Phuket restaurateur is Jamie Wakeford. The fast-rising culinary figure was a stagiaire at Heston Blumenthal’s Fat Duck, and Gordon Ramsay’s Maze in the U.K. before masterminding Cherngtalay’s Bampot Kitchen & Bar. Now he is bringing a modern British bent to Suan Phlu.  

Altered State

Hankering for a taste of blighty, Matt Wilde heads to OLTA on Soi Suan Phlu where chef Jamie Wakefield is giving classic flavours from the UK a modern twist.

Scotsman Jamie Wakeford and wife Helen opened OLTA at the beginning of the year. The couple, who previously ran Bampot Kitchen in Phuket, named the restaurant with a Gaelic word that loosely means pleasantly inebriated. It hints at their laid-back sense of humor (as does Bampot, which in the Glaswegian vernacular refers to a foolish or crazy person) and the sort of ambience they want to create at OLTA, one that is relaxed and informal, inviting and fun.

Chef of Phuket’s Bamphot Kitchen brings modern British cuisine to Bangkok. 

The buzz: The former chef at Phuket’s Bampot Kitchen, Jamie Wakeford, is behind this pared-back restaurant bringing a “modern British” twist to Suan Phlu. Before arriving in Thailand, the Scottish chef trained at Heston Blumenthal’s Fat Duck and Gordon Ramsey’s Maze in the UK, and this is reflected in a menu that’s big on local produce and reinterpretations of classic British recipes. 

OLTA Restaurant

Olta is the newest ‘olternative’ in Bangkok’s Suan Phlu

Scottish Chef Jamie Wakeford, of noted Phuket restaurant Bampot Kitchen, is rolling out a new restaurant in Bangkok.

Themed as ‘modern British’, and named Olta, the outlet has just opened in the Suan Phlu neighborhood.

The Suan Phlu area is described as one of Bangkok’s latest dining enclaves, with new fashionable openings arriving every month.

Currently, Suan Phlu is currently the IT restaurant area in the capital. This street is interesting for foreigners because it is in early stages of gentrification – the old shop houses are still there, along with the great street food stalls you expect, but now these have been joined by a new generation of funky modern venues appealing to locals, expats and tourists.

OLTA Restaurant

Modern British fare by the mastermind behind Phuket’s iconic restaurant Bamphot Kitchen

If you’ve ever made the rounds of the gastronomic musts in Phuket, then you’ve probably been to Bampot Kitchen & Bar, the modern European eatery steered by Scottish chef Jamie Wakeford and his partner Helen Wakeford. If you haven’t had the luck to dine in Bampot Kitchen & Bar, then it’s probably a good thing that the couple has thought to extend their culinary prowess to Bangkok. Chef Jamie and Helen have recently opened Olta, a venue that puts a modern twist to British fare, right in the heart of expat-populated Soi Suan Plu.

OLTA is a newcomer on the Bangkok scene and is just around the corner from my house. This is British bistronomy, and runs the fine line between casual everyday neighbourhood joint to upscale special occasion sort-of place. The food is solid.